Straight Razor by Bruton Stroube Studios

Bruton Stroube Studios has released an introspective piece directed by Tim Wilson and James McKenzie with commentary from David Devine of American Classic Barbershop in Saint Louis, Missourion the state of barber shops. Devine provides a wonderful insight into barber shops by commenting on its history and how this tradition of grooming is making a […]

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Digitalsoaps Soda Shampoos

You’ve read the title correctly because despite the deceiving looks of these pop bottles, they’re actually shampoos. Etsy user Digitalsoaps has given a twist to hair products with soda-inspired smells which is a nice change from extravagantly named scents most consumers scratch their heads over. Clean your scalp with the aroma of pop without its […]

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Bronnley Original Eau de Toilette

Dress your best, but also smell your best courtesy of the very classy and sophisticated Bronnley Original Eau de Toilette from James Bronnley. This rich fragrance combines Italian lemon, bergamot and sweet lime ingredients that gives off an intoxicating aroma of warm amber, exotic spices and cedar wood base.  Available here at the Gentlemen’s Shop.

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Stinky Bomb Army Green Hand Grenade Soap

For a more explosive showering experience, blast your B.O. away with Stinky Bomb’s Army Green Hand Grenade Soap. The bar is molded from an actual WWII steel body grenade, so you’re upping the man-factor when you’re combating odor in the shower. This handmade soap is created from a goats milk base and comes scented with […]

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Gotham Smith Mustache Cufflinks

So you can’t grow a mustache that rivals Tom Selleck, but you can certainly wear one with these Gotham Smith Mustache Cufflinks. These whiskered accessories are made from powdered steel infused with bronze, providing a sleek smooth look for the gentleman aiming to accessorize with swagger. The Gotham Smith Mustache Cufflinks are available in three […]

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