Alpha-H Clear Skin Daily Hydrator Gel

Alpha-H’s latest hydrator gel is designed to refine pore congestion and help the skin retain moisture with a refreshing blend of botanicals and natural antioxidants. The addition of Vitamin B3 normalizes oil production while Cotton Seed Extract counters irritation and dehydration leaving the face feeling cool and fresh at all times. It’s available at ManKind.

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Trifecta with Mugnificent

Anyone who likes keep their face clean at all times can never really have enough products, so Mug For Men is releasing three different skin care products in a pack. It contains a face cream that’s non-sticky, fast absorbing and will nourish your skin making you look younger and healthier. There’s also the face wash […]

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Que Eau de Barbecue Cologne

Instead of standing behind the grill for hours to give yourself that smoky smell of meat, the elegantly named Que Eau de Barbecue Cologne will do it with one spray without the heat and sweat involved.  The fragrance will give you the scrumptious aroma of spices, smoke, meat and apparently “sweet summer sweat” so that […]

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men-u D-TOX ‘Deep Clean’ Clay Mask

Using a clay mask is probably the last thing guys think about, but the men-u D-TOX certainly has its benefits. It’s formulated with oil-absorbing Kaolin Clay, Witch Hazel and Zinc Oxide which effectively eliminates excess oil, dead skin cells, impurities and black heads for a smoother, cleaner looking skin. It’s perfect for applying to oily […]

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Burberry Limited Summer Fragrances for Men

Burberry has released a limited edition fragrance for men that captures the essence of summer. With fresh ingredients like yuzu, mandarin and thyme combined with the warm notes of floated woods and gorse flowers, the fragrance pretty much embodies this season in a bottle. It’s now available at Sephora.

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