American Crew Boost Powder

Not since the invention of hair mousse have we seen a hair product that was totally different from what came before. The same way that mousse broke away from gels, waxes, and pomades, this styling powder is different as well. American Crew Boost Powder is a dry powder that you sprinkle on to hair to […]

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REN Max Moisture Concentrate

If you live in a climate that has required you to blast the heat in your home for the past few months, you’ve probably noticed a certain change in your skin as well. It’s a little less bright and a lot more dry. This intense moisture serum from REN is specially formulated to restore moisture […]

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The Ring Shaver

Stroking or scratching your chin is something that many men do hundreds of times a day. This is behaviour that inspired Chinese designers Xiang Qin, Yin Qin, Yiyan Ge and Xinxin Sun to create a small electric razor that slips over a finger like a ring. A toggle switch activates the flywheel and provides the […]

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Perricone Skin Clear Dietary Supplements

As most of us know from a certain television commercial, eating “too many chocolate bars” is not going to give you bad skin, but not getting the right vitamins and nutrients will. More and more skin care companies are getting into the business of treating skin from the inside as well as the outside. Perricone […]

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Lush Jungle Solid Hair Conditioner

Why not try something new for a change? This solid bar conditioner from Lush is handmade from five different fruits and contains nourishing cocoa butter. Usually used for skin conditioning, Lush chemists realized that cocoa butter works well as a hair conditioner because it slides onto hair easily and then dissolves in water leaving hair […]

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Joya x Baxter of California Lapsang Noir Candle

This sinister looking black candle is the result of a collaboration between one of our favourite grooming product lines Baxter of California, and Joya the NYC-based fragrance designer. These are certainly not the dainty little candles you usually see people burning, at a half kilo and a full kilo these are mighty objects. Available in […]

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The Art of Shaving After Shave Mask

The Art of Shaving After Shave Mask is specially designed for the unique requirements of men’s skin post-shave. It uses a blend of botanical ingredients to soothe and rejuvenate skin, provide relief from razor burn, and combat ingrown hairs. The mask also replenishes necessary nutrients lost during the shaving process and helps to ease the […]

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Sharps Bald Head Balm

Even guys without hair need a little bit of product attention every now and then. As any bald-headed guy will likely tell you, being a hairless wonder is dangerous in the summer sun and positively bitter in the winter wind. Baldies rejoice! Sharps Bald Head Balm has you covered. With a sun protection factor of […]

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