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We didn’t think we were the candle-type either. But you know what, it finally happened and we couldn’t be happier. A friend in New York sent one of these candles from Patch NYC, a design company that makes a line of sleek accessories using traditional artisinal techniques.

With a bold aroma that combines siberian fir, cilantro, citrus, and raspberry, this “Stag” scented candle is certainly manly enough to overcome any doubts you have about the appropriateness of candle-buying. Other scents in the line include, Fedora, Pipe, Whale, and Skull.

With vintage-inspired packaging and a 20-hour burn time, this little flame will melt even the coldest candle-hating heart. Light it during you’re next shave and just try to hate it. Get it online here.

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 Patch NYC Candles

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