L’Artisan Parfum De Feuilles Candle

lartisan candle 300x300 LArtisan Parfum De Feuilles Candle

This candle from L’Artisan Parfumeur is scented with crushed leaves, amber, and tomato. You might not think you’re much of a candle person but this one might just change your mind. Its bold and masculine scent fills the room with the warm aroma of fall and is really quite nice to look at. Set it up while you’re sitting in your home office, or while you’re shaving and be instantly transported to the middle of an old growth forest in Maine. Or use it to cover up the smell of dinner failures. Get it online here.

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 LArtisan Parfum De Feuilles Candle

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 LArtisan Parfum De Feuilles Candle

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