Hair Design by Émilie Voirin

dzn Bun Boxes by Emilie V 7 Hair Design by Émilie Voirin

London designer Émilie Voirin has created this series of shaving brushes, boxes and whips made of hair. The objects are crafted using human or synthetic hair according to your preference, and are available in black, brown or blonde. The artist explains that these objects which are usually blunt and severe in their design, are given a softer more human quality when crafted from hair.

The shaving brushes’ long ponytail feminizes the object making is sensual and begging to be stroked and brushed. As for the whips, they are usually made from horse hair and used for swatting flies away or controlling animals. When made from fine wood and human hair, they become objects of luxury with a questionable purpose. The shaving brush might not be very useful for the average guy but these are pieces of art after all, so you can exactly fault them for not being very functional.

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 Hair Design by Émilie Voirin

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 Hair Design by Émilie Voirin

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